CD Review:

It’s About Time (self-released) is an incredible jazz album for fans who love their bop with a nice swing that will get you jumping with each and every note, from the intensity of playing in such songs as “Dancing Foo/Squatty Roo” to quieter moments as heard in “For All We Know”. The tropical feel of “Brigas Nunca Mais” will make people appreciate this Antonio Carlos Jobim even more, as leader Jacob Melchior (drums), bassist Jassan JJ Shakur and pianist Tadataka Unno dive deep into the song to explore its inner beauty and allow it to dance once again.

It’s About Time is an album that’s extremely well played, and that comes from a group of musicians, who call themselves Trio De Sum, who can read each other with their eyes closed, it’s about sound perception and reflection to the point where they become one entity. This is made perfectly clear in the laid back “The Lady Of My Life/My Baby”, and the openness of the song means that they could explore this song with other musicians to see where they’ll take each other (Roy Ayers would be a nice addition).

Plus, it’s a drummer’s album and I’m sold off of that alone. It’s laid back and mellow, but not to the point of being a numbing agent, it’s a great album to hear amongst friends and a fantastic album if it is used as a mood enhancer. It’s also perfect for audiophiles who will want to hear how well this was mixed and produced. A fantastic listen that will make this one of your jazz picks of 2010.

Reviewed by John Book