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ALL ABOUT JAZZ – Oct 10, 2010

“The album’s title is certainly not the ultimate description of Jacob Melchior’s It’s About Time, but it’s a great place to start. Melchior, a precise but fluid drummer whose insightful phrasing and timing patterns influence the tone and sprit of each tune, combines with pianist Tadataka Unno and bassist Hassan JJ Shakur to deliver a swinging, straight-ahead collection of jazz tracks…”

Amazon – Sept 16, 2010

“Jacob Melchior is a drummer, bandleader, arranger and composer, and in this intimate and classy recording — IT’S ABOUT TIME — he makes his point: A drummer not only keeps the time of a piece in motion, but can also be a very successful soloist. The group assembled here is a fine one — Melchior on drums and percussion; Tadataka Unno, piano; and Fassan JJ Shakur, bass — and they have the sort of tight communication that’s a necessary ingredient for the expository riffs and solos taken by each. It’s a well oiled-machine, this trio.”

Audiophile – Sept 26, 2010

“Piano-based trios are integral to jazz and while times have changed the traditionalism of piano, bass and drums collectively, improvising has not become fatigued or clichéd. Drummer Jacob Melchior (pronounced mel-cure) understands. On his third outing as a leader, the self-released It’s About Time, the Denmark-born and current Big Apple artist showcases his rhythmic skills, arranging talent, flair for soloing and aptitude for communicating with his partners…”

Drumhead Magazine –

It’s About Time showcases the versatile artist’s myriad talents…”

John Book Review – Oct 1, 2010

“It’s About Time (self-released) is an incredible jazz album for fans who love their bop with a nice swing that will get you jumping with each and every note…”

Midwest Review – 2010

“JACOB MELCHIOR/It’s About Time: Ah yes, the ever popular drummer that knows how to give some back. A smart piano trio that’s led by a gracious drummer some with a sound and fury that power the proceedings along nicely. Delightful straight ahead jazz that you can mellow out to but really don’t have to. While the players on board might not be household names yet, they certainly should be. Well worth it…”

Music Web International – 2010

“This is no ordinary piano trio CD, as all three musicians are extra-special exponents of their instruments. Watch out for their names on future albums…”

Jazz Socitey of Oregon – 9.13.2010

“On this ‘on the spot’ recording, as Melchior refers to it. the trio breezes through a set of standards and a few surprises…”

Alonzo Weston Review – 2010

“The latest release from Jacob Melchoir, “It’s About Time,” showcases the versatile artist’s myriad talents as a drummer, bandleader and arranger/composer…”

D. Oscar Groomes – Nov 2010

“There is no doubt about the title or the drummer: It’s About Time is a winner all the way through!”

All About Jazz – Dan Bilawsky – Nov 18, 2010

“While drummer-leaders often feel the need to pull every trick out of their bag to prove their worth, Melchior’s playing lives up to his album title and the group sound proves to be more important to him than individual percussive flash. Collective coherence trumps all here…”

All About Jazz – C. Michael Bailey – Sept 20, 2010

“Melchior is unobtrusive, gently guiding the rhythm. Senior sings fully, filling the space around him, provided by a judicious band obviously well-versed in providing vocal support. The entire recording is a gem, but “For All We Know” begs for a full vocal recital with this band…”

Gapplegate Music Review – Oct 29, 2010

“You know something hip is up from the opening of the first track, where drummer Jacob Melchior plays the head melody of Johnny Hodges’ “Squatty Roo” on the traps to a walking bass underpinning. And It‘s About Time (Self Released C2010) turns out to live up to that promising beginning…”

Blitz Magazine – Michael McDowell – 2010

“Most assuredly, It’s About Time is more than just the Summer Fair that the duly named mid-tempo, contemplative group collaborative featured herein would suggest. To invoke the relatively infrequently trod Stevland Hardaway “Stevie Wonder” Morris ground showcased here, it is a real Bird Of Beauty indeed.”